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    Sean Baguley’s world view was founded in childhood, when a family stint in Africa taught him valuable life lessons. A native of Britain, Sean spent time in colonial Swaziland, where he dodged adders, played cricket and befriended the local kids. His broad world perspective came from his collective experiences; as Sean watched Swazi families farm and survive, he learned about making the most of what you’re given. When he later attended boarding school in England, this perspective deepened — he had to work with others as a team, to communicate and become resilient.

    Life in the bush is where Sean first learned about real-world realities — strategy and quick thinking save the day. A family safari laid the foundation of his philosophy. His party was searching for elephants in Kruger National Park, but Sean noticed huge paw prints on a trail. His parents steered the Land Rover within shouting distance of a big female cat. She was eating. Someone yelled to make her look up and suddenly Sean was face to face with a hungry lion who left her lunch to investigate her dessert possibilities in the car. The driver screeched away, and Sean got his first clue that timing is everything.

    Native Skill, Well-Honed Talent.

    His career path took him to London, where Sean worked in high-level finance. He was a senior executive who helped huge corporate and institutional clients with bond issues and loan origination. Whether he was on the trading floor or in the futures market, Sean’s big picture vantage point drove his successful career. With each deal he worked on, Sean took into account all resources that would create a win-win scenario. By offering a world of service to global clients, he won their praise and utmost respect.
    A Big Picture Approach

    Sean brings this same approach to world-class service to his real estate clients in Sedona. It gives him remarkable negotiation and business skills that help clients meet and exceed their goals. Sean’s knowledge is invaluable when clients want to take advantage of the area’s values, whether they’re buying that desert sanctuary or selling to leverage a home’s equity.

    Tenacious and driven, Sean doesn’t stop until a client’s objectives are reached. Understanding the housing market and maximizing all possibilities is one of the many assets he offers. When it comes to contracts, negotiation and communicating every aspect of the process, Sean’s talents are unmatched.

    Your Guide to Desert Dreams.

    As a long-time Sedona resident, he also knows how to guide clients to the perfect desert lifestyle they want. Sean is intimately aware of the city’s amenities, cultural activities and outdoor pursuits. His user-friendly Web site is a vast resource for buyers and sellers. All listings are constantly updated and current.

    When buying or selling a home in Sedona, it’s essential to work with an agent whose depth of skill spans finance, business, management and marketing. Sean Baguley brings all this and a unique compassion for families and their needs to each and every client. Call him today for a complimentary consultation. Savvy, resourceful and experienced, he provides A World of Service in Sedona.

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Sean Baguley
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